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Season three = Last season ?

Posted on 2006.09.21 at 19:54
 I was browsing through the preview in winx club .com when I notice under Bloom's echantrix it said qoute 'will they achieve the Enchantix and overcome this final obstacle to becoming real Fairies?'

Final obstacle ?



New Episodes !

Posted on 2006.01.15 at 12:22
Current Mood: shockedshocked
The new episodes have been going on Canada's YTV on every Sunday today is the Halloween Episode

***kicks herself for not watching it***

Posted on 2005.11.20 at 13:18
2.0u*m1*Character Name*Hair:Standard,longwavy,FFF701,FFFFFF,100,100,23,Eyebrows:Standard,thin2,0000FF,FFFFFF,100,100,21,Eyes:Standard,plain1,005572,FFFFFF,100,100,20,Nose:Standard,slash,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,27,Mouth:Standard,closedsmile,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,18,Beard:Standard,fraBlank,FFF701,FFFFFF,100,100,26,Ears:Standard,multirings,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,19,Skin:Standard,fraBlank,F8B684,FFFFFF,100,100,6,Mask:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,22,Headgear:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,29,Undershirt:Standard,veemid,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,7,Overshirt:Standard,downchevron,0000FF,0000FF,100,100,8,Coat:Standard,halfcloak,FFFFFF,0000FF,100,100,25,RightGlove:Standard,rolled,0000FF,FFFFFF,100,100,17,LeftGlove:Standard,armorband,0000FF,FFFFFF,100,100,16,Insignia:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,9,Neckwear:Standard,torc,FFFF00,FFF700,23,100,24,Belt:Standard,plain,0000FF,FFFFFF,100,100,15,Leggings:Standard,stockings,0000FF,FFFFFF,100,100,10,Overleggings:Standard,capris,E7E7E7,FFFFFF,100,100,11,Pants:Standard,platebell,FFF700,FFFFFF,100,100,14,RightFoot:Standard,jackboot,0000FF,0000FF,100,100,13,LeftFoot:Standard,jackboot,0000FF,0000FF,100,100,12,Back:Standard,shortcape,FFFFFF,0000FF,100,100,3,Wings:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,4,Tail:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,5,Aura:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,2,Companion:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,31,Background:Standard,diamond,FFFFFF,000000,100,100,1,RightHand:Standard,broadsword,FFFFFF,FFFF00,100,100,30,LeftHand:Standard,longshield,FFFFFF,0000FF,100,94,28,#

Posted on 2005.09.20 at 20:31
Ughh I am completly and utterly swamped. On mondays I have tennis right after school which means i have to make a two minute sprint from the computer lab to the girls changing room avoid the vice principal because
my shorts are to high clutch the note my mom gave me in my hand just incase hop in the car slouch down because you don't want the catholic school kids making fun of you because you go to a private school and wait a half hour in the car listning to my mom complain about my uncle and my grandma untill i finally arrive at the courts i get their run four times around the courts then go for a warm up then its drill time 30 drop shot recovries running at full speed and if you miss it you have to do 3 burpes then play soccer advance against the top performence kids. Then drive home rush to do my homework bathe eat and got to bed at ten wake up at 6 you have to go early for cross country practice you listen joke around with your friends run laps then you have to change out of your gym uniform into school uniform which includes a kilt a dress shirt a sweater and a bow tie??. You find when you reach assembly theres no seats left so you have to sit on the floor Then we get serious we have to praise God at this time we sing we listen to the pastor preach and then we head for art class we listen to music and write wat we feel then were supposed to draw free hand and guess what being the only lefty in the class i have to go sit far away facing the other side.Thats basically that day. THen its wenesday wake at 7 got to school got to music class then french with a teacher that pushes you so hard that you want to run out of their screaming. after that we have math which only is 3 times a week but i miss a half hour of it for guitar class then after school i have piano a 45 minute lesson. THen its thursday wake up at 6 for crosscountry practice got to school ya da ya da yadda take wood shop with a funny teacher and probably the best choice of them all do the two minute sprint to the car and go to tennis. Friday is my only day off but not for long.

Posted on 2005.09.10 at 13:13

Posted on 2005.09.10 at 13:11

my pet!